Mark-World - Tech Projects To Amuse The Curious
Mark-World is on the web to present my assorted  technical software and hardware projects
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MotoMouse & MotoBot
Internet Of Things
(My Esp32 Board)
A Better Mouse Trap
Robo Madge-Ellen
Bug Bot
JetPuck Android Game
AstroSpotter Device
Audio DSP Processor
Earthquake Sensors
LuLu Toy
(Animatronic Toy)
My Other Sites For Other Endevors

Many of the 3D Prints I use are on my Thingiverse page
Robotic Arm
Steel Ball Table
Usb MultiPort Boards
Easy IO and Sensors
In a small USB Dongle
Proximo Multi Lidar
Battery Load Tester
Remember: creativity is the other side of boredom
So create something, be it technical, artistic or musical
My hope is that some of these pages may inspire others to create things and that others may enjoy use of tools I share.
Solar Compass
With Level
Fiddler Bot