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It was enevitable that I would dive into 3D CAD and 3D printing due to the natural need to make custom parts for robots and other devices being designed.

Having a 3D printer has greatly eased my creation of mechanical devices and I have gravitated to the usage of Fusion360 as my tool of choice for creation of 3D models to be printed on my printer.

I do not post all the designs I make as that takes a lot of time BUT I do make efforts to give back to the community by posting my designs that I feel are valuable to the general tech Makers.

Please feel free to visit my  Thingiverse publicly available designs page   where I am known as  mjstn2011 and freely share my designs that would be of some value to Makers.

You can see my own presentation on using Fusion360 to design and then using Cura to prepare the design for a 3D printer in this youtube video for HBRC robotics club I am active in these days
Draw lines with a mouse click and drag operation.  The length and angle of each line will be shown as you draw it and after it is drawn. The angle is very handy for cases you want to rotate an image (or horizon) but don't want to guess at the number of degrees.  The lines also easily measure in pixel or other units and you may draw many lines and leave them on the screen.
3D Printing/CAD
Design 3D Models and Print using 3D Printers