EspressoBot In Driving Mode
Balboa Bot - A Mid-Sized Ballancing Bot

This is a ballancing bot from using the Mark-Toys Espressif Esp-32 PC board.   The bot is controlled using a FlySky RF controller popular for RC cars and quadcopters and is handy controller for this fast moving robot.

The Esp-32 board by Mark-Toys is the brain and is behind the display in this picture.

The BalBoaBot uses a custom dual stepper motor driver board I have developed and made PC boards from OshPark who I recommend as a great low cost fast deliver US pc board source.

Two NEMA 17 medium sized stepper motors are controled using A4988 stepper motor driver boards.   These driver boards have inputs for direction and for stepper pulses and can be made to operate in microstep modes but we only use standard step modes here.

A custom 3D chassis is used as well as wheel hubs and the wheels themselves are large O-Rings to grip the driving surface.

The Esp32 dev board can be seen on the IoT page of this webpage.

I have a video of this bot in action as seen on this Demo Video

This bot runs on a 14.8 volt 4 cell LiPo cell and has a digital meter to show bat level.

This 'segway' style robot can really move fast.

Demo Video Of BalBoaBot
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Balboa Bot