Zizmos Earthquake Sensor

Here is a small IoT device designed and coded as part of my job at Zizmos. Zizmos provides an advanced earthquake early warning system.  This is one of the types of sensors Zizmos uses in the field to detect earthquake shake events.   Please see  the Zizmos website for details on the full system.

The sensor shown here was developed with a realtime processor subsystem that does accurate accelerometer sampling and then detects shakes with given signatures that are likely to be earthquakes.    The sensor board was designed and coded by myself so I present it here as it is a recent IoT effort.  

Earthquake detections are sent to the cloud based Zizmos backend by the linux main processor where propriatary code eliminates false triggers and then can send out notifications to the free Zizmos eQuake app which runs on  iOS and Android devices.   Again, please visit Zizmos website for information on the full earthquake early warning system.
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Earthquake Sensor