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Esp32 Based Tiny Projects In Nice Box

This page shows a couple 'tiny' projects using the Esp32 Dev board and OLED display.

A custom 3D printed case nicely holds the dev board and then the OLED display plugs right into that then the software prints whatever the box does on the display. 
There is even room for a few controls on the right if they are required for the project.

The Esp-32 board by Mark-Toys is the brain and is behind the display in this picture.

The box is 60mm x 45mm on top with a height of 27mm and Micro USB plugs in the side.

The Esp32 Dev Board is mounted upside down so that all connectors which are nicely labeled can be accessed from the inside of the box and the board itself crews into the box.

This means the board goes in and you can wire things as may be required right from here!
Watch This Page!  I hope to be adding more as time goes by.

This is a small yet highly versatile signal generator that is powered by a standard Micro USB power source and supplies a great many digital and analog waveforms.

There is a 1.3" OLED display for easy display of whatever the box may be doing

This example, the  Esp32 Mini Sensor Box, uses the dev board loaded with all sorts of sensors so from top line down we are showing these things here:

- A is the Accelerometer 3 axis readings in G values.
- V is the voltage at the USB input (useful to verify USB sources)
- P is the atmospheric pressure
- H is the humidity
- E is the elevation in feet above sea level
- T is the temperature of sensor seen on left of box

The Mark-Toys Esp32 Dev board is used for this device.   
The Esp32 Mini Sensor Box
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Esp32 Tiny Projects
WiFi Access Point Display

There is a WiFi Signal strength scanner that comes from Arudino IDE that I don't have picture of yet but that is possible because you can use Arduino IDE with a generic Esp32 personality and program the Mark-Toys board with a simple serial cable connection.