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Jade Temple Ray Tracing Project And Movie

A fair number of years ago I became interested in Ray Tracing as PC power began to get to the level to make that possible for private hobbiests.

The Pov-Ray program was and still is free and supports classic single frame ray tracing with a very full set of features.  Pov-Ray is amazing and I thank the team so very much for making that software available for us all.
An amazing part of Pov-Ray is that you can 'script it' so that as long as you can say where the 'camera' is and where it is pointed in the form of mathamatical equations that vary over time you can make a movie.    Pov-Ray is told to generate as many frames as you want and you tell it initial and final values of the time as well as the time increment between frames.   When Pov-Ray is done you have a huge number of frames and you then use standard tools to put those into a movie format back to back.

This movie if it can be played back to back in a loop starts up high and curves on into a Roman style temple.  We move down the temple and approach a picture that is the opening frame of the movie itself.  The camera enters the picture and we start all over ...   Below are 3 frames that are interesting and the full movie link is given later at the end. 
The Jade Temple Movie (Click for YouTube Video)
Picture On Display In The Jade Temple Movie

YouTube Version:  The Jade Temple
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Jade Temple RayTrace