JetPuck 3-Levels Of Play
JetPuck - Arcade Style Android Game

JetPuck is a game developed for Android devices and was developed on Eclipse using Java and the Google tools for developers.  Special thanks to TPIK (my son, Thomas's gamer avitar) who created the graphics for the JetPuck and posts.  I thank the fine teams at Google who have done so much to support developers of applications for the Android platform.

The Object And Levels Of The JetPuck Game:

The goal of the game is to get the 'JetPuck' to collect green goodies and avoid other objects.  The JetPuck is the round larger object.  The jet comes out the back behind the cockpit and allows for the JetPuck to acceleerate and do broad turns.  When JetPuck's jet is not firing the puck slides on the ice and slows down as it glides.   JetPuck will bounce off of walls should a wall be hit.   The object is to collect all of the green goodies and for each one you collect it disappers with a 'pop'.  If the posts in the 1st level are collected in a reasonable time you then advance to level 2 where there are yellow bombs that are to be avoided.  Hitting a yellow bomb causes it to disappear but you loose a little bit of  health.   After you have collected all the green posts in a reasonable time on level 2 you will advance to level 3 which has red hard bombs which cause a big loss in health and recoil JetPuck backwards when hit.     If the green goodies do get collected in a reasonable time and before you run out of health you have completed level 3!   Level 3 will restart because I have not coded more levels yet so they only exist as fun ideas for future levels.

How To Control The JetPuck:

There are currently two ways to control JetPuck although I am doing 'market research' to find more intuitive ways to do the control so these things may change in the last half of 2014.   Touch and hold your finger in the round joystick area in the control panel outside of the  playing field.   Where you touch in that joystick area controls the direction the jet is firing.  Since the puck turns slowly it is sometimes best to use the rotate right or rotate left buttons near the joystick to rotate in one place for a more controlled movement in tight spots like near red or yellow (harmful) bombs.  You can also control JetPuck by using fast or short screen swipes.  The direction of the swipe controls what direction the jet will fire and the faster the swipe is the longer the jet will automatically fire.   Swipes are fairly new so no clever support for anything beyond straight line swipes exists as of June 2014.

Tips To Help You Become A JetPuck Master:

It is easy to overshoot and miss the targets if you start going too fast so watch your speed and let up on the jet control when you get near where you want to go.   For the best and fastest control, use the rotation controls in tight places or to turn while drifting then fire the jet to go from there. JetPuck bounces off the sides if you hit the sides.   Once you finish the pucks re-appear in different random places and you go again.   The idea is you note the time it took and that would translate to your 'score'.
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