MotoBot Converts to the Line Following MotoMouse Or A Cycloptic Seeker

MotoBot (Came First Before MotoMouse Abilities)

MotoBot is a self contained, thinking bot with a propriatary 'cycloptic' linear vision systemthat allows him to find a little light and know how far it is away and if he has to turn right or left to get it in the center.   MotoBot can also tell if he gets to the edge of a table.   MotoBot now converts back to MotoMouse as required so see below for that configuration.

You can see a Demo I did in Sept 2014 to the Home Brew Robotics Club at this MotoBot demo video link and go about 3 minutes into the video to see my discussion.  In this video it shows many of his 'intellegent' features and my demo segment is only about 5 minutes long so enjoy.

MotoBot is thus able to wander about on a table and then when he sees his little light he approaches it and tracks it till he looses interest and then continues to roam about.   Motobot has a few sensors to see the edge of the table and so on.   MotoBot can also be controlled with a hand held radio transmitter to do basic movement and rotations.

A nice little two line display shows you what he is thinking or seeing and tells the distance to hsi little light (if it is in front).

MotoBot With Eye

Technical Details (which I recommend you just scroll on down to next of my bots  as these deatils will be rather booring):
MotoBot is powered by a LiPoly battery he has two bi-directional wheels. This bot is a fully self contained  thinking bot who thinks with a PIC microprocessor programmed in C and can be controlled with a radio hand-controller.  His 'phase 2' as shown above still allows him to be controlled via  radio as in phase 1 so he can be told to move in assorted patterns using  separately controlled dual drive wheels.   This bot is able to detect distance and angle to a small lighted object using a have a 256bit linear detection optical eye enabling detection of a little light if it's within a 35 degree area in front of him

Below is seen a custom PC board with 7 IR sensors that is used for line detection. 
White tape is placed over the Sharp IS471 sensors to allow closeup detect of line tape.
MotoBot Display
MotoMouse Is the Line Following Configuration

In mid 2016 we configured the MotoBot platform to be converted into MotoMouse to solve a maze for a HBRC (Home Brew Robotics Club)  compitition to solve a large 8 foot by 8 foot maze on the floor.   He was able to do it and hopes to compete again!

A nice little two line display shows you what he is thinking or seeing and tells the distance to hsi little light (if it is in front).

In Late 2016 The MotoBot platform was greatly enhanced with precision motor controller using my Mark-Toys motor control (seen elsewhere on this site). 

Below is seen the custom PC board with 9 IR sensors where we used only 7 above
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MotoMouse & MotoBot