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PicMapTool Offers Many Features Not Seen In Lightweight Tools Elsewhere

PicMapTool measures and inspects pictures on the desktop  PicMapTool sits over the desktop in your primary monitor area to augment other tools you may be using. 

Flexible grid or cross hairs or common picture aspect ratio boxes to ease crop choices may be moved over your image viewed through PicMapTool from the desktop below.  Calibrated measurements of lengths and angles are done as easily as drawing lines.  

Desktop image capture and rotation/mirror or blending with other images brought up on the desktop allows for watermark, 'bluescreen' effects, or your own outlines to overlay desktop image below.  

A zoom window allows detailed inspection of a small area in your picture on the desktop below.
Draw lines with a mouse click and drag operation.  The length and angle of each line will be shown as you draw it and after it is drawn. The angle is very handy for cases you want to rotate an image (or horizon) but don't want to guess at the number of degrees.  The lines also easily measure in pixel or other units and you may draw many lines and leave them on the screen.
Draw lines with a mouse click and drag operation that show length and angle
* Overlay a grid on top of the desktop or captured image that can be rotated and sized with sliders
* Easily Align Grid  to the last line drawn or rotate and size with sliders
* Set line scale using the last drawn line over known object OR a coin in the picture.   
* Draw a freeform line to show a route on a map or just outline or draw
Capture  screen below the app and optionally rescale, mirror or rotate
* Mix Captured Image With Desktop Image Image can be rotated and sized with sliders
* Zoom In At Cursor  Use Zoom magnification to inspect picture details where mouse is located
* Set Transparency Mask to allow part of image to overlay over desktop below   
* Draw Popular Photo Boundries to frame a picture or know where to crop the picture
Inspect, Measure And Manipulate Pictures On  Your Desktop