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Proximo 8 Channel Multi Lidar Serial Subsystem

This is subsystem that monitors up to 8 Time Of Flight (ToF) distance measurement devices.   The onboard M0 processor does the monitoring and is connected to the host using a serial port.   I have a USB to serial converter on this but as of March 2020 I have not got that running so manual 3.3V serial interface is used.

Supported as well is a small OLED 8 line display that shows sensor distances after initial splash screen on power up.

This is a poor picture of the rev 1.0 board but you get the idea I hope.   This board would be mounted vertically to see out front and the cliff sensor(s) for downward.

This is a rev 1.0 board with M0 SWD debug jack.  It works but has not been looked at in much detail due to other projects. 

The board uses the same protocol that I used on another multi lidar subsystem based on an Arduino Nano that is elsewhere on this site.   I made a ROS node so that once connected to this using serial ROS could publish each channel of lidar distances.  That ROS node has not been fired up with this board/firmware but that is my goal next.

The board is powered by micro usb jack or direct 5V input to an onboard 3.3V regulator.

The ST Microcomputer VL53L0X time of flight distance detecting sensors are used in this design where the onboard M0 monitors and interprits the distances seen by each unit. 

There are 5 sensors that I am bending pins so they point and cover nicely the area in front.  Then there is seen in this loaded board one that points out front and down for a cliff sensor.  Two other unloaded sensors could be used for off to the sides or down and in front. 
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Proximo Multi Lidar