RoboDoggie - Budget Animatronic Doggie


Here we show RoboDoggie which is an Animatronic Doggie that starts out using the Freenove Robot Dog Kit and then has several more abilities added on top of the kit.



RoboDoggie has these main Capabilities/components

  • The Freenove Robot Dog Kit which includes 13 servos for legs and neck
  • A Raspberry Pi 4 processor
  • Sonar 'eyes' that detect objects out in front and an NeoPixel led circle of lights
  • VOSK speach recognition to allow RoboDoggie to do tricks or sounds
  • Speach output to a USB sound module allows for barks, howls, wimpers and other sounds
  • A low cost RF 2.4ghz keyboard allows for easy input for other commands from keyboard



Until such a time I get around to adding details on this page here is a slide deck that explains a great deal about the RoboDoggie system and where to get assorted components.


Here is the  RoboDoggie Slide Presentation I had made for a presentation


There are two key elements of note that I have posted on my github that are of value for both RoboDoggie as well as any other number of robots that can run python code are these things.

  • A VOSK speach recognition process that outputs what it hears to a text file so that RoboDoggie or other program can simply keep reading the file.    You can find the code on my githup as
  • A nice little RF dongle wireless keyboard interface I wrote is also on my github and can be found as the  script



WATCH THIS SPACE:  I hope to add more here as time permits although there is little time!



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