TightWireBot On The Wire
TightWireBot - A robot that moves about on a tightwire
The single motor is driven from the board's PWM output suitable for motor control and those then go to the small blue board that has the higher current motor driver.

The Esp32 dev board can be seen on the IoT page of this webpage.

This robot has a 1.3" OLED display which is controlled over I2C

This bot runs on a 3.7 volt LiPo cell under the bot and shows the battery level on the display. The bot will stop for low battery condition to avoid over-draining the LiPo battery.

The right and left side end of the line sensors are the  VL53L0X time of flight distance detecting sensors.  

Visit my robotic subsystem page to see the VL53L0X information in more detail.

This is a robot bot that has a custom wheel to allow it to move back and forth on a tightwire but I bet you may have guessed that from the name.   This bot has sensors to detect the end of each side and goes back and forth sometimes stopping and blinking a multi-colored LED while it is paused before it starts again. 

The small display allows showing direction and wheel speed settings as well as battery voltage and other messages should the battery run low or the bot is in pause vs run mode.

The bot can be controlled manually using an Android APP of mine that uses  BLE (bluetooth) GATT server

The Esp-32 board by Mark-Toys is the brain and is behind the display in this picture.

TightwireBot was shown at the May Home Brew Robotics Club meeting in a demo where 'yours truly' made it a circus like 'show' that was kind of fun.  

So click on the picture to the left to see this brief presentation starting at 2:30 into the video.

Enjoy the fun!
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