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The low cost and high power of today's devices allow for toys to interact more with the player.    This page is just getting started but here will be posted devices that are toys.  Toys can be for any age by the way so never loose touch in the 'child within'.
LuLu The Cute Interactive Toy

LuLu Toy

Lulu has been a big hit for the smaller kids that tag along with parents to such shows as Maker Faire. 

When LuLu sees a hand in front of either eye she raises that arm and gives a High-5 while her colorful earrings blink different colors.

When the hand is moved away LuLu lowers her arm and the earrings change color from time to time.

LuLu was started in early 2017 with state of the art silicon sensor time of flight technology eyes that sense nearness of objects and arms that interact (The ST  micro VL53L0X)

Lulu is one of my only projects that has at it's heart a simple Arduino nano and this is valuable to show people inside Lulu to give them a feel that yes, they too could make this sort of toy or other device.
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