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Mark-World highlights assorted projects designed and constructed and/or coded by Mark E Johnston of California.
It is after all ...     'what I do'.
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My mission is to encourage others to be creative and make something technical, artistic or musical.  
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StartUps Of Which I am a Principal Technical Designer
- Ubiquity Robotics:
I am a principal hardware/firmware designer for the Magni product which is a 100 Kg payload ready to run OEM robotics base so companies can start running and then add their own added value on top of Magni.   The platform is an open source ROS based platform so technical companies can easily save a year of development time and on the order of $60k to 300k development time by starting their product on our Magni Base. 

Zizmos Earthquake Sensor Network:
I was the principal hardware/firmware/software designer for the Zizmos hardware sensor.  The company has folded pending requests out of the blue to revive its mission to create an affordable network of Earthquake sensors feeding into a fast response backend for then push notifications to cell phones.    

Creativity is the other side of boredom

Once people realize that and overcome the barrier of actually being motivated enough to be creative the world of creativity opens and bordom is put to rest. Try it ... you'll like it!

Besides this site that shows collection of odds and ends my efforts to be creative consist of countless other electronic, musical, and photographic sorts of efforts.    Below are some websites that highlight assorted interresting and in many cases different creative endevours of mine.

I have worked designing numerous high tech devices in Silicon Valley. CA which utilize microprocessor and IO boards as well as embedded realtime software systems for video and microwave test instruments are mentioned on these pages.  This website is to highlight my efforts that are mostly on self motivated projects done on my own.
Web Sites Of My Other Endeavours In Other Fields are below:

Astrophotography -
My pictures of the objects in our night sky with slideshow on main page
Mark Tunes           -
My origional songs written, performed, and produced by yours truely.
Mark      -
Robots, Software And assorted technical home-made projects      - Daytime photography of the great outdoors   - 3D Printing design files I share with the world as user mjstn2011

I also hold a Ham Radio Amateur Extra Class License that I am actively involved in many modes of radio communications using ham radio.  No ... it is not at all a dead tech.

Email can be sent to:       mark  <atsign>  mark-world <dotter>  com

Keep On Techin!      Mark

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